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Welcome to Green Buffalo!

Green Buffalo is a family owned business dedicated to helping you live a greener lifestyle.

Each product on this website is considered “Green” in its own way. Some are made from recycled or renewable materials, others are Green due to the manufacturing process used to create them, still others are considered Green because they will help you conserve resources which in turn saves you MONEY!

Making a conscious decision to include Green products in your shopping choices can be a powerful statement in our economy. Every time you choose to purchase Green products you are encouraging the expansion of the Green market and rewarding eco-conscious manufacturers.

Green Buffalo was founded because we believe it should not be difficult to find and purchase products that are environmentally responsible. The six of us are excited to show you products that have inspired us to go into this business in the first place. Many of the items on these pages can be found in our own homes, we figured we wouldn’t carry anything we didn’t believe in and trust.

We make every effort to reduce the amount of packaging and waste during the shipping process. We strive to use environmentally friendly materials for packaging and shipping your items so they arrive safely and guilt free. We also encourage you to recycle and REUSE them.

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."
                                                               - Confucius
Hopefully we can help you along the way.


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